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11 Impossible Soccer Tricks Every Guy Should Strive To Master

Seriously, do these people actually exist in real life? ROGAINE® Brand, official hair care sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, is bringing you all things soccer and World Cup related.

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1. Check out this guy as he slows down time to manipulate space.


That ball exists to do one thing: obey its master.

2. Or this wild spirit, using water to entice the ball to do his bidding.


As if this didn't already look cool enough!

3. The other team never even had a chance.


Not against this god of soccer.

4. Did you see that? DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!


That guy just pinged a can like it wasn't even a thing.

5. Try not to look too closely, this girl will just give you a headache.


How can a person move their legs like that?

6. Hopefully you never come across this guy with a ball in a dark alley.


He will make you look like SUCH a fool.

7. Just look at how he cradles that ball, like a well-oiled machine.


Where man and ball become one.

8. No lie, had to watch this one a few times to figure out what just happened.


Still watching...

9. This guy is spinning a ball on a pen on his foot WITH NOTHING BUT HIS MIND.


This is evidence that aliens are here among us. Run while you can.

10. Sometimes, when a soccer superhuman gets tired, they lie down on their back and continue as usual.


Nothing can stop them.

11. This guy is a ninja. A straight-up soccer ninja.


His abilities with the ball are second to none.