Which Project Role Will You Assume?

This quiz will help you determine which role you will assume in your team for this project.

  1. Which subject do you like best in school?
    1. Art
    2. Computer Science
    1. Science
    2. Family and Consumer Science
  2. Which Disney princess are you most like?
    1. Mulan
    2. Belle
    1. Rapunzel
    2. Elsa
  3. Which of these extracurricular activities would you most want to join?
    1. WebTeam or Robotics
    2. Science Olympiad
    1. Cheerleading
    2. Anime Club
  4. How do you decide where to have dinner before the Homecoming dance?
    1. I would talk with the group and choose a place
    2. I would read the reviews of restaurants
    1. I would look at advertisements for restaurants
    2. I would research restaurants using Yelp or OpenTable
  5. At which of these places would you most want to work?
    1. Game Stop
    2. Public Library
    1. Chipotle
    2. Build-a-Bear
  6. Imagine you are offered a job at a grocery store. Which job would you accept?
    1. I’ll be the cashier.
    2. I’ll stock the shelves.
    1. I’ll work in customer service.
    2. I’ll be the supervisor.
  7. Which of these is a hobby you might participate in during your free time?
    1. I like to sketch or color.
    2. I like to run or ride my bike.
    1. I like to play video games.
    2. I like to read.

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