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Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

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Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Many people struggle with infertility. Treating infertility often requires several painful and expensive procedures. There are a few tips to increase your chance of getting pregnant, and I will share those with you:

1. Bust the stress – Taking tension and stress will for no reason can affect your fertility too. You might take up habits like smoking, drugs or drinking too much due to the tension, which will deteriorate your fertility and make you depressed at the same, time.

2. Follow a healthy diet – You don’t have to eat healthy all the time, but try having a few healthy foods throughout the day. The best thing is to add folic acid to your diet and exercise whenever you can. Go for walks, jog around or take up the gym to stay healthy. Have a good scrumptious diet filled with fruits and leafy vegetables.

3. Maintain the right body weight – You might have heard that obesity often causes problems during pregnancy! Well, it can be troublesome when you are trying to get pregnant too. Things like pre-diabetes, diabetes, and obesity will cause problems to men in their sperm production, and in women, it can cause issues with ovulation plus high miscarriages. You don’t have to shed tons of pounds, but you can certainly stay in a minimal weight zone. Being obese is bad in many ways!

4. Plan according to your age – Late 20s to mid-30s is the ideal time to have children. As women start ageing, there are conditions that reduce ovulation. You will become less fertile by the time you reach 35, and you will have to turn to several medical procedures to try for a baby. The same goes for men; their sperm production goes down as their age increases. The more you delay having a child, the more difficult it gets.

5. Freeze! – If you are considering getting pregnant later in life, there are a few options. You can freeze your eggs and your partner's sperm to be used later to conceive. This is a good option especially for young women who need cervical or ovarian surgery or treatment with chemotherapy. The doctor may also suggest freezing ovarian and testicular tissue, but these procedures are still experimental.

These tips do not guarantee pregnancy but they will certainly increase the odds.

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