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8 Charts For People Who Dream Of Renovating

The best part of owning a home? Being able to actually build, install, and knock down parts to create the home of your dreams! Make the move from renter to proud homebuyer easier with Rocket Mortgage®.

1. Whether it’s your floors or kitchen cabinetry (or both!) that you're looking to upgrade now that you OWN them, there are many different hardwood and softwood varieties to choose from. Here are the basics to get you started, and then you can find your perfect variation!

2. Painting one room, two rooms, or your entire house can be a piece of cake when you have all the right gear and tools. Say goodbye to those plain ol' white walls that you couldn't touch in your rental! Here’s your painting starter pack.

3. Have a spare room in your new house that you would love to serve a dual purpose? Here are some super-practical hybrid room ideas.

4. You finally have the outdoor space you’ve been wanting since renting your very first fifth-floor walk-up! But the patio Or maybe there isn’t even one! Here are the materials to consider when renovating a patio — and the pros and cons of each.

5. Let there be light! You obviously want the perfect amount of brightness in every room in your home now that you're landlord-free and some fixture types work (and look) better than others in different spaces. Here’s a guide to lighting up each room — with style.

6. Let’s talk a little more about chandeliers. Because installing one (or many!) might just be one of the best, and ~classiest~ parts of renovating as a new homeowner. Here are some fabulous styles to consider while choosing your hanging light fixture bling. ✨ ✨

7. Another gateway to your home? Your windows. Check out some functional and stylish ways to let the sunshine into different rooms (that rental of yours did NOT get enough natural light!) — or to be able to curl up and watch an epic thunderstorm outside.

8. And finally, what is the room you are the most excited about renovating? That you spent hours thinking and dreaming about as a renter with one little counter and no dishwasher? Could it be...the kitchen? Thought so! Here are some key, super-stylish ideas for a modern kitchen to get your juices flowing even more.

While you’re busy thinking about backsplashes, bay windows, and knocking down walls, Rocket Mortgage® is there to help you make sense of the mortgage and home-buying process. Apply simply, understand fully, and mortgage confidently — and get approved in as little as eight minutes!*

*Based on a sample of Rocket Mortgage® clients who met qualifying approval criteria based on specific loan requirements and appropriate documentation available at the time of application.

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