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Tony Smith Will Be The New Speaker, World Keeps On Spinning

There's not much else to tell you, tbh.

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The Liberal party has voted this morning to nominate Tony Smith as its candidate for Speaker. (Which means he will become the Speaker because that's how it works.)


Smith won a partyroom vote on Monday morning, defeating candidates Ross Vasta, Andrew Southcott and, in a final 51 - 22 vote, Russell Broadbent.

48-year-old Smith was a elected to parliament in 2001 and was made a parliamentary secretary under John Howard. He was also an advisor to then-Treasurer Peter Costello. Other than that his career has been mostly unremarkable, except for some suggestions that he may have run with Tony Abbott in a leadership coup against Malcolm Turnbull in 2009.

"I'm humbled by the support I have received from the party room. I look forward to what is an important and difficult job that I will do to the best of my ability," Smith told the media following the vote.

The incoming Speaker also confirmed that he won't attend partyroom meetings, unlike his predecessor Bronwyn Bishop, which will go some way to restoring some faith in the position following several divisive years.

Smith also thanked his fellow candidates for the job.

"They're friends of mine, Andrew Southcott and I walked down together, we have been friends for 20 years," he said. "Russell Broadbent 30 years. I think that friendship amongst the four of us was reflected in the civility of this contest."

Then because he's a hardworking Speaker now, Smith went to get ready for work.

"The House begins in about 15 minutes so I'm just going to go off and prepare for that."

And now parliament is back. Let's see if the new Speaker brings a renewed sense of dignity to the House.

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