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This Is Why You Should Always Check Your Shoes Before Putting Them On In Australia

Literally, there's a snake in my boots.

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Australia, this is why you should always check before putting your shoes on. That's an eastern brown snake - the world's second deadliest land snake - hiding inside the Ugg boot of a woman in Adelaide, South Australia.

Snake Catchers Adelaide / Via Facebook: SnakeCatchersAdelaide

The photo was posted by Snake Catchers Adelaide on Thursday night and has already racked up more than 8000 shares and 2500 comments.

Snake catcher Rolly Burrell told BuzzFeed News eastern browns are fairly common in South Australia, and after a long winter they're finally starting to come out in search of food and a mate.

Snake Catchers Adelaide / Via Facebook: SnakeCatchersAdelaide

He says the snake was probably startled by the home's owner.

“The lady was going to Melbourne and packing her bags, as she went out the back door she saw something slither into the house," he said. "It was a fairly easy catch, we just turned the boot upside down into a bag and it was done."

The snake was released back into the wild in an area away from too many people.

Australia, where even your shoes are trying to kill you.