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Someone In US Congress Added Harambe (The Gorilla Who Died) To The Australian Election Wikipedia Page

Harambe is quickly becoming the star of Australia's election.

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It appears that someone using a computer in the United States Congress has updated the Wikipedia page for Australia's recent federal election to add a note about Harambe, the gorilla that was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo in May.

One of the stranger elements of the recent election was that lots of Aussies decided to cast their votes for Harambe, who has become something of a meme since his untimely death.

And it appears the Harambe phenomenon didn't go unnoticed in America's seat of democracy. At 3.05pm on Wednesday, someone updated the "Australian federal election, 2016" Wikipedia page to include the fact that some people had voted for Harambe.

The addition noted that, "many Australians also wrote in candidates, notably, Harambe", and linked out to a news story on people voting for the gorilla.

The revision was then removed at 4.14pm. The removal noted that Australia does not have a write-in option on ballots, meaning Harambe never stood a chance of becoming prime minister.

But the interesting thing is the revision was made by someone on the IP address, which appears to belong to a computer in the US House of Representatives in Washington DC.

It's not clear exactly which congressional worker added Harambe to the Wikipedia page for Australia's federal election, but a quick look at other revisions from that IP address shows a keen interest in US politics, particularly issues and people on the political right.

If you or anyone you know added Harambe to the Wikipedia page for Australia's federal election, please let us know, we will protect your identity.


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