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Pro-Safe Schools Activists Have Trashed Cory Bernardi's Office

The senator has labelled them "lefty totalitarians".

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Activists protesting in support of the Safe Schools anti-bullying program have trashed the office of South Australian senator Cory Bernardi.

Senator Cory Bernadi's office trashed by protestors over calls to close Safe Schools program #9newscomau

MP Cory Bernadi's office defaced by protestors, angry over calls to close Safe Schools program

Equal rights protestors storm Cory Bernadi's office over calls to close Safe Schools program.

Slogans such as "transphobia kills" and "stop homophobia" were scrawled in chalk outside Bernardi's Kent Town office early on Friday afternoon.

The group, apparently representing the Socialist Alternative, upturned furniture and threw documents around the office, leaving behind a sign saying "Muslims are welcome. Racists are not."

Bernardi has been a vocal opponent of the Safe Schools program, which the government today announced will be significantly wound back following complaints from conservative government members, led by Senator Bernardi and Queensland MP George Christensen.

Senator Bernardi quickly took to Twitter following the incident, decrying the protesters as "lefty totalitarians".

Lefty totalitarians have trashed my office and threatened my staff because their agenda has been exposed. What a bunch of cowards.

Grateful my team are safe and appreciate the efforts of the Police.

Education minister Simon Birmingham called the incident "deplorable."

"For people who say they are standing up for tolerance and for understanding to then think that destruction of public property, that violence of that manner is appropriate is deplorable, is hypocritical and I would have hoped we would see much better," he said.

Labor's education spokesperson also slammed the protests.

"It is wrong. It is dumb, and it undermines any point they were trying to make," she said.

Socialist Alternative dills, you've made Bernardi look good. Repeat after me: best response to speech is more speech

It takes a special kind of nitwit to do something that creates sympathy for Cory Bernardi. Grow up SA.

South Australia Police has been contacted for comment.

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