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Grant Denyer Is So Fucking Done With Australia Right Now

UPDATE: Denyer has been forced to delete his tweet, but we will not let him be silenced.

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UPDATE: Apparently ~the man~ can't handle Grant Denyer's realtalk. But you can't keep a good Denyer down.

Totally overwhelmed by epic response to my tweet this morning. But sadly I've been 'instructed' to delete it, for the 'swear word'. Sorry.

But at the same time, Channel 7 was playing its new show, Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud, and OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE WATCHED.

Seven dumped Restaurant Revolution and replaced it with Cats Make you Laugh Out Loud _ and got 1.5m viewers!


And as always, Grant had perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the nation.

What a time to be alive.

[Grant Denyer sits up in his bed as the sun peaks through his hotel curtains] "...fuck those cats." He says. "Fuck those cats."


Grumpy cat is not happy. Neither are voters

Grant Denyer; Family Fued host, former weatherman, race car driver, voice of the people

And Grant wins the internet this morning.

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