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    Meet Stoner Sloth, The NSW Government's New Anti-Pot Mascot

    Meet Stoner Sloth.

    Meet Stoner Sloth, the NSW government's latest tool to stop kids from smoking pot.

    Stoner Sloth is the face of the government's "You're Worse On Weed" campaign, designed to discourage teenagers from smoking pot.

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    But plenty of people online have noticed that the whole thing is a bit ridiculous.

    Stoner sloth is one of the funniest things i've seen!! #stonersloth

    The campaign reveals some of the hidden dangers of pot, like taking cool selfies.

    Wearing pretty bows.

    And knocking over salt shakers.

    Needless to say, the whole thing has been mercilessly mocked online.

    I wish I could have been a stoner baby. I would have been so much cuter as a kid. #stonersloth

    #StonerSloth seems like we're being trolled by @mikebairdMP. What were you guys smoking when making this?

    #stonersloth why? How? What? Which? Who? Seriously this campaign is an early Christmas present


    And plenty of people seem to think the ads encourage pot smoking.

    How fucking funny would it be to watch #stonersloth videos stoned

    When you on the green stuff with a mate #stonersloth

    Or something a bit harder.

    Put down the bongs, kids. Get on the ice. Be somebody. #stonersloth

    Even NSW premier Mike Baird had to admit the ads were a bit off the mark.

    Just saw the #StonerSloth ads. Not sure where NSW Gov's ad guys found Chewbaccas siblings, but those videos are... Quite something.

    I've been assured no sloths were harmed in the making of those #StonerSloth ads.

    Remember kids, drugs are bad ok.