Posted on 7 Mar 2016

    The Government Tried To Start A Hashtag And It Didn't Go Well

    #Hashtags #never #work

    Because the government wants us all to know how ~agile~ and ~innovative~ and ~disruptive~ it is, it's spending $28,000,000 publicising it's new ~ideas boom.~

    The Ideas Boom is the brainchild of prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and Innovation minister Christopher Pyne. It's designed to encourage an "innovation culture" in Australian businesses.

    "It will be designed to help change the culture around innovation and science in our businesses, engage young people to help inspire the entrepreneurs of the future and any provide the key information to any Australian wanting to take a risk on a new business venture," Mr Pyne told Fairfax earlier this year.

    The campaign includes TV and digital ads, outdoor advertising, community engagement and a hashtag. As with all good hashtags, people quickly started taking the piss.

    As with all good hashtags, people quickly started taking the piss.

    #ideasboom sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads

    Mardi Gras but for homophobes #ideasboom

    more seinfeld themed small bars #ideasboom

    Some people really latched on to the innovation theme.

    #ideasboom sniffer dogs... but for innovation

    Genetically engineered super babies #Ideasboom

    #ideasboom all crimes are legal and cool

    a plebiscite to see if we're ok with old straight men marrying really young straight women #ideasboom

    #ideasboom dogs with bees in their mouth so when they bark they shoot bees at you

    While some people had real ideas.

    This one makes sense if you don't think about it.

    #ideasboom car windscreens made to match your glasses prescription - so you can drive without glasses.

    Uber was a big theme.

    Like Uber but for getting all smart Americans out of the country before Trump. #KindredTransporten #ideasboom

    Uber, but for kangaroo pouch riding (I'm not an Australian) #ideasboom

    And this guy was like a factory for ideas.

    Use Vegemite as sunscreen. Aussie as fuck and at least SP500 #ideasboom

    When taking a dickpic use the panorama function while moving your erect penis up & down so it will look longer #ideasboom

    Fold Poo Tickets double so your finger doesn't go through #ideasboom

    Photocopy an elderly relatives Disabled Parking permit so you can park in the choice spots #ideasboom



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