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12 Robots That Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

Robophobia: the fear of anything robotic. Fortunately, you have nothing to fear, at least not from OmniCorp (makers of RoboCop) — where your future is safe in cold, metallic hands.

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1. Think it's fun to throw a brick in a washing machine?

Well, machines think it's fun to throw a CINDER BLOCK at you.


2. The new Robo sapiens are being born.

3. They'll creep toward you.

4. Lurch toward you.

5. RUN toward you.


(At speeds faster than any human.)

6. Writhing all the while.


7. They'll destroy everything you love.


8. Break down your doors.

9. They're not looking for love.

10. They're looking for revenge.

11. They'll strap you in. Tightly.

12. And take your weak flesh-body for an unforgettable ride.