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  • andPOP

    We gave Justin Bieber a fake ID and we made Justin Bieber condoms. We do what MTV doesn’t have the balls to do.

  • Shit Girls Say About Shit Girls Say

    One of the best byproducts of this whole internet sensation is how girls have been reacting to “Shit Girls Say.” But what about Shit Gay Guys Say? Shit Black Girls Say? Shit Drunk Girls Say? Shit (insert race or sexual orientation here) Say? It all started with Let’s Graydon Shepard and Kyle Humphrey’s original video starring Juliette Lewis. The video quickly reached well over a million views and an Internet meme was born. Unfortunately, there’s so many parodies of the concept it’s hard to find the original. The video below encompasses them all with two incredibly manly drag queens. If you haven’t already watched Shit Girls Say About Shit Girls say, it’s worth your time. This compilation of girl-isms was taken from an extensive survey of girls watching other girls.

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