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Celebrity Fitness Icon Rob Niter, Dives Into Acting

Rob Niter, a professional natural bodybuilder, international fitness model, motivational speaker and entrepreneur who is outstanding and well known for his great exploits, immense knowledge and wisdom in the fitness industry. He is also a fitness model, celebrity trainer, actor and author. He won the 2013 Musclemania Lonestar Overall Muscle Model and 2014 Musclemania All Forces Overall Physique and Muscle Model Championships. In 2015 he won the Musclemania Overall Muscle Model Championships. The aesthetic bodybuilder who inspires many on multiple social media platforms tells Rob Niter -- who's also been in several of Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes T.V. series -- was in Germany yesterday where he showed off his phenomenal physique and dieselness. But more impressive than his 6-pack, Niter told Digital Journal about his goals and drive behind his diverse success: “MY MOTIVATION COMES FROM THE PASSION, AMBITION AND THE VISION TO IMPROVE SELF. IT’S AN INTERNAL DRIVE OF KNOWING THAT I MUST GIVE IT MY ALL AND DO MY BEST AT WHAT I LOVE IN ORDER TO REACH SATISFACTION. I ALSO SURROUND MYSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE TO KEEP ME INSPIRED.” Niter’s latest project is as an actor on several episodes of the Music and Murder TV series, scheduled to air in 2018.​ It’s always encouraging to see someone like Niter try to parlay their physique and modest competitive success into a strong personal brand. Young bodybuilders who perhaps are not invested in pro careers could keep an eye on Niter as an example of how to make it in the entertainment industry!

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Rob Niter

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