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14 Animals Who Just Want You To Feel Better

If they can't make you feel a little better, you must REALLY be sick. Use Robitussin® for your toughest cough and cold symptoms.

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1. So you're feeling a little under the weather, huh?


Aw, you poor thing. What are your symptoms?

2. Got a little cough?

3. A little headache coming on?

4. Don't worry boo boo, we're gonna get you better in no time.


We're gonna take good care of you.

5. I know, I know, you wanna go out and have fun, but you need to stay home and rest.


6. First, let's check your temperature...


Oh, yeah, you're burning up, dear.

7. Stick out your tongue and say "aaaaaaaaaaaah."


Hmmmm... yeah, it's looking a little red in there.

8. Here, let's get you some tissue for that runny nose.

9. OK, come on, let's get you nice and comfortable on the couch.

10. And get you all wrapped up to wait for that fever to break.

11. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids.

12. If you need anything, just shout.


We're here to help you.

13. And before you know it, you'll be back to your normal self.

14. And everyone will be SOOOOO happy to see you again!

And for the fastest relief, take Robitussin® so your cute little ones don't have to suffer the COUGHEQUENCES™.

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