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    What The New "Game Of Thrones" Teaser Tells Us About Dany's Conquest

    Daenerys seems to have got herself a throne – but where is it?

    As you've probably noticed, HBO have just dropped a new Game of Thrones teaser trailer.

    As exciting as it is to see the major players again, it doesn't actually show us a whole lot.

    What we do see, however, is three very different throne rooms.

    Back in the North, Jon – who is definitely still alive – is sat in the significantly more modest throne room of Winterfell.

    But most importantly, we see that as well as a fuck-load of ships, Dany has gone and got herself a throne. Which begs the question...where is she?

    Well, the very likely answer to that question is...Dragonstone.

    But why is this important?

    Note: This post solely uses information gathered from the new teaser. There are more detailed predictions about Season 7 out there that are based on set leaks, but please refrain from discussing these in the comments so as not to spoil it for others. Thanks!