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    23 Tiny, Weird, And Brilliant Ideas That've Made The World A Little Bit Better

    Tomorrow's world, today. Via /r/mildlyinteresting.

    1. This bar with a strip of ice to keep your drink cool.

    2. This toilet with a sink on top of the cistern that so you can wash you hands with clean water as it refills.

    3. The hotel that allows lonely travellers to rent a fish for the evening.

    My friend is staying in a hotel in Belgium. They've offered her the option of renting a fish for the night, in case…

    4. This mug that has a little slit for your teabag.

    5. The pads that stop lift users getting an electric shock. (If you're reading this, BuzzFeed Overlords, we need this shit. Thanks.)

    6. This shopping trolley that comes with a calculator.

    7. This changing room that allows you to keep track of what you like.

    8. Or the one with multiple lighting options so you can check out how your new outfit will look in different settings.

    9. These food containers that come with tiny pots that fit into the underneath of the lid for sauces and dips.

    10. These parking spaces for people who wanted to up their step count.

    11. This call button at the other end of the hall, so the doors will open by the time you reach them.

    12. The mirror with a heated section so you can actually use it when you get out of the shower.

    13. This yoghurt lid that can be turned into a hand spoon with a few simple folds.

    14. These small packs of sliced bread for when you wouldn't use up an entire loaf.

    15. These traffic lights with timers so you know exactly how long you'll be sat there.

    16. The dentist's surgery that has a Where's Wally? illustration on the ceiling to distract nervous patients.

    17. The in-built webcam cover to ease the minds of the paranoid.

    18. The tip jar for the cashless.

    19. The hotel TV with easily accessible HMDI and USB ports for when you're bored of watching property shows in languages you don't understand.

    20. And the one that lets you know they've cleaned the remote, in case you're concerned about who might have touched it last...

    21. This rather novel vending machine for second hand books.

    22. And on the subject of vending machines, this hotel lift that tells you where to go to get what you want.

    23. And finally, this clip that lets you attach a dog treat to your phone so that it'll look at the camera when you're trying to take selfies.