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22 Tweets About Going To University That Are Way, Way Too Real

"Somewhere right now, in a brightly lit and unfamiliar kitchen, a fresher is discovering pasta and pesto for the first time..."

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Packing for uni and my mum tries to throw out my Christmas jumper as "you hardly ever wear it". Aye, cause it's hardly ever Christmas mate


Packin light for uni is too hard. Top haven't worn since year 8? In it goes, James Cordens autobiography? Yes pls, pop party 2? Necessity


Time to go through my own Toy Story moment and decide who's coming to uni 😢


Mum: U can't take all ur clothes to uni! Me:


I've been playing 'what can I take to uni without my dad noticing' all week and I think I may have just nabbed the family toaster


i've been at uni less than 24 hours n its so weird??? am i on holiday?? am i at home?? is this a really weird fuckin school trip??


Been at uni two minutes and mums already cock blocked me


My room number at my uni accomodation is 10 don't have a clue what my nickname is gonna be!!!


If you're starting uni this year, stay well clear of the people that talk the most in the group chats. They're freaks in real life trust me


when ya uni halls have thin walls and you hear someone cough somewhere


waiting to go to uni is like that weird period of time between Christmas and New Year where you don't really know what to do with yourself


*walking into halls* Okay Ewan you're gonna be living with these people for a year, play it cool, don't act weird…


What the fuck am I at uni with?😂😂


I've never been more platonically in love with anybody more than Jennie. Choosing books for uni is hard. 😂😭


"It's so sad watching everybody's bitmojis moving away to uni"



rule number one of university: first impressions are key


My uni lecturer has a photo of him sitting on his desk on the window. i paid 9k to these trolls


Somewhere right now, in a brightly lit & unfamiliar kitchen, a fresher is discovering pasta & pesto for the first time.


My uni has more than 4500 students,each paying at least £9250. That's £41625000. Nearly £50m/yr and u still want me to pay for printing? Fam


The man from the chase did a comedy night at uni and someone brought him to their house for a session lmaooo


Imagine never going uni never being able to be a mess for 3 years straight and it be ok 😭 fxck that