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29 Walt And Jesse Moments That Made You Laugh, Cry, Or Probably Both

Three years on since the finale of Breaking Bad, we take a look back at the Ross and Rachel of meth.

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1. Pretty much any time Jesse tried to talk science.


2. And when his logic was flawless.

3. When Walt didn't need to say "I told you so", but did anyway.

4. Every time Walt was basically every teenager's parent.

5. When Jesse respected the chemistry.

6. The time Jesse ad-libbed.

7. When we lived in more innocent times.

8. Jesse does science: part II.

9. Whenever Jesse would make a well-considered riposte.

10. When it became apparent how important honour was to Jesse.

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11. When the tables turned and it was Jesse giving the science lesson. Sort of.

12. When they would slip back into the student/teacher dynamic.

13. When they tried and failed to talk about anything other than meth and/or murder.

14. When they were just a couple of colleagues, talking like colleagues do.

15. Any time this happened.

16. When there was no way back.

17. When we – and Walt – realised just how much he'd broken his partner.

18. Ugh. Let's go back to Jesse doing science again.

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19. Every time Walt looked at Jesse like this.

20. When Jesse was just being pragmatic.

21. The time Walt essentially sacrificed his own soul to save Jesse's.

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22. When Walt was the only family Jesse had left.


23. Even though he was more or less the reason Jesse had no one else.

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24. In fact he was definitely the reason.

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25. When your heart was irreparably broken.

26. When Jesse had absolutely nothing left.

27. And he finally stopped listening to Walt.

28. From the first look.


29. To the last.