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21 Things You'll Understand If You're A Reformed Picky Eater

"Think of all the things I could have enjoyed!"

1. As a kid you very much knew what you liked, but more importantly...what you didn't.

So many stickers #PickyEaterProbs

2. Not a meal went by where you wouldn't have to carefully dissect what was put in front of you.

3. And once you'd find a food you liked, it's pretty much all your mum would give you.

4. And you became known as the weird kid who only ate one thing.

5. Fruits, vegetables, and condiments were disgusting, while bread ended up making up about 50% of your diet.

6. The other 50%? Well, obviously...

7. But as you got older it got more and more embarrassing.

Next on - True Life : I'm a picky eater Having to order off the kids menu at nice restaurants part 2 : on vacation

8. When youth was no longer an excuse the judgement of others grew to be unbearable.

When you eat curry sauce like it's soup bc picky eater 👀

9. Until one day, for whatever reason, you decided to pluck up the courage to try something new, and lo and behold:

10. Not only do you feel great about yourself...

11. ...but your friends and family start acting like you just ran a fucking marathon.

When our picky eater of a roommate finally tries new food. So proud. ❤️❤️ @maire_mac @CorrineGretzie

12. One by one you start to try new things, and each time you realise just what you've been missing out on.

13. And just as you used to eat nothing but fish fingers, you now put mushrooms or spinach or tomatoes in everything.

14. To be honest it's probably no coincidence that your newfound sense of adventure coincided with your discovery of alcohol.

15. Friends who knew you during your pickier days can even get a little pissed off.

Used to be such a picky eater. Ned is pissssssed lmao 😂😂

16. And the vultures who've been hanging around your leftovers for years will have to look elsewhere from now on.

17. Given that you ALWAYS left food on your plate as a kid, you still feel incredibly proud of yourself when this happens.

18. Of course there's a real danger that you'll then become one of those preachy picky eater haters that you used to despise as a kid.

I used to be a picky eater but now I literally will eat anything and lemme tell u picky eaters ur missing out on a whole world of flavours👅😍

19. But no matter how far you've come, you'll always have your limits.

6 yr old: I used to be a picky eater but I'm not anymore Me: yay the world is your oyster 6 yr old: no I don't like oyster

20. The difference is now you make sure you try things before deciding you hate them.

21. And if all else fails, you'll always have bread.