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21 Things You'll Understand If You're A Reformed Picky Eater

"Think of all the things I could have enjoyed!"

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1. As a kid you very much knew what you liked, but more importantly...what you didn't.

So many stickers #PickyEaterProbs


7. But as you got older it got more and more embarrassing.

Next on - True Life : I'm a picky eater Having to order off the kids menu at nice restaurants part 2 : on vacation


8. When youth was no longer an excuse the judgement of others grew to be unbearable.

When you eat curry sauce like it's soup bc picky eater πŸ‘€

11. ...but your friends and family start acting like you just ran a fucking marathon.

When our picky eater of a roommate finally tries new food. So proud. ❀️❀️ @maire_mac @CorrineGretzie


15. Friends who knew you during your pickier days can even get a little pissed off.

Used to be such a picky eater. Ned is pissssssed lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


18. Of course there's a real danger that you'll then become one of those preachy picky eater haters that you used to despise as a kid.

I used to be a picky eater but now I literally will eat anything and lemme tell u picky eaters ur missing out on a whole world of flavoursπŸ‘…πŸ˜

19. But no matter how far you've come, you'll always have your limits.

6 yr old: I used to be a picky eater but I'm not anymore Me: yay the world is your oyster 6 yr old: no I don't like oyster