19 Things We Know About "The Last Jedi" From Rian Johnson's Twitter

    Epsiode VIII director Rian Johnson is better at Twitter than you.

    1. When Carrie speaks, you listen:

    2. This might not be his last journey to a galaxy far, far away:

    3. And it may not be a dad joke-free movie:

    4. He's not afraid to change things (like the shape of Kylo's scar), or to bring the truth when fans question such changes:

    5. Certain characters are harder to write for than others:

    6. Unlike the Emperor, he's capable of making Luke back down:

    7. He's happy to let people play to their strengths:

    8. He's got an opinion on the prequels:

    9. It might be best to stay away from the trailers:

    10. Also, he's indecisive:

    11. Fans of the iconic Star Wars wipes may be disappointed:

    12. He likes to troll the shit out of everyone:

    13. He really, REALLY likes to troll:

    14. Which he's allowed to do, because this film is allllll him:

    15. Which movies he was watching when making TLJ:

    16. Who Snoke actually is:

    Everytime I'm at the lucasfilm offices I rearrange their display models so this happens

    17. He reallllllly likes Porgs:

    PORG!!!!!! (I am abnormally excited about this)

    18. He's happy to give away certain major plot points:

    19. And finally, like the rest of us, he's more than a little excited:

    Seriously fellow SW fans, thanks for being so patient. Hope you like what you see, I’m so proud of this movie and I can’t wait for December.