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    Posted on Nov 7, 2017

    19 Things We Know About "The Last Jedi" From Rian Johnson's Twitter

    Epsiode VIII director Rian Johnson is better at Twitter than you.

    1. When Carrie speaks, you listen:

    2. This might not be his last journey to a galaxy far, far away:

    3. And it may not be a dad joke-free movie:

    4. He's not afraid to change things (like the shape of Kylo's scar), or to bring the truth when fans question such changes:

    5. Certain characters are harder to write for than others:

    6. Unlike the Emperor, he's capable of making Luke back down:

    7. He's happy to let people play to their strengths:

    8. He's got an opinion on the prequels:

    9. It might be best to stay away from the trailers:

    10. Also, he's indecisive:

    11. Fans of the iconic Star Wars wipes may be disappointed:

    12. He likes to troll the shit out of everyone:

    13. He really, REALLY likes to troll:

    14. Which he's allowed to do, because this film is allllll him:

    15. Which movies he was watching when making TLJ:

    16. Who Snoke actually is:

    Everytime I'm at the lucasfilm offices I rearrange their display models so this happens

    17. He reallllllly likes Porgs:

    PORG!!!!!! (I am abnormally excited about this)

    18. He's happy to give away certain major plot points:

    19. And finally, like the rest of us, he's more than a little excited:

    Seriously fellow SW fans, thanks for being so patient. Hope you like what you see, I’m so proud of this movie and I can’t wait for December.

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