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22 Photos That Only Make Sense If You Went To Uni Before 2007

Let's go back to a world of nu rave and third person Facebook statuses.

1. Turning up to uni with boxes upon boxes of CDs because CDs were a thing that people actually spent money on.

2. Though you probably had Limewire or Kazaa where you'd try to download songs illegally.

3. Which more than likely resulted in your very, VERY heavy laptop getting all kinds of viruses to the point that it was soon unusable.

Toshiba / Perfectvectors / Getty Images

4. And talking of breaking the law, streaming TV shows had started to become a thing, but shitty internet speeds meant it looked like this:

ABC / Via http://
ABC / Via http://
ABC / Via http://

5. Because iPlayer/Netflix etc were still years off, if you wanted to watch most TV you needed to actually OWN a TV. It probably took up your entire desk.

6. On the subject of old tech – your first student loan payment probably went on a first generation iPod.

7. And without iPhones, this was the peak of cool.

8. Facebook had only JUST started, and you needed a email address to join, so it felt super exclusive.


9. And when they first introduced statuses they forced you to write in third person.

Don't trust anyone who is too young to remember having to write Facebook statuses in the third person.

10. People would take digital cameras out on EVERY night out, so you'd wake up every morning to the terrifying words, "You have been tagged in 47 photos".

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

11. Though disposable cameras were still sufficiently prevalent that you could make yours walls look like this:

12. In your day HMV still existed, and their "3 DVDs for £20" was responsible for all the shit on your shelves to this day.

13. You were (fortunately) the first generation that was taught lectures with PowerPoint presentations that could be downloaded when you were too hungover to turn up.

14. Your Scream yellow card was your prized possession – largely because it often resulted in £1 pints.

Google Maps / Via Twitter: @slowze_

15. All guys looked like one of the Klaxons

16. And it wasn't a real night out if you weren't covered in neon paint by the time you got home.

Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

17. And anyone who was anyone went to the 2007 nu-rave NME Awards Tour.

18. In terms of clubs, most uni towns of the day had an Oceana, complete with light-up dance floor and MASSIVE chandelier.

19. And before WhatsApp, all nights out/lectures/meals etc. were organised using MSN Messenger.

20. The reason you bank with your current bank is probably because 12 years ago they offered you a five year railcard if you opened an account.

21. You were at uni when the smoking ban came in, meaning you no longer had to wash your jeans/hair after every night out. However:

At least when we could smoke in pubs, pubs smelt like smoke. Now they smell of ugly people, regret and farts. #bbcqt

22. To summarise, here is the entirety of a mid-'00s British uni experience illustrated in one photo:

Good times.