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32 Photos That'll Give All Mid-'00s Students Intense Uni Flashbacks

For anyone who can remember what university was like before Facebook.

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5. You know that Facebook peaked when it looked like this.


And you were pissed off when they started allowing people who didn't have .ac.uk email addresses to sign up.

16. Eating your dinner in front of Neighbours (which you were watching for the second time that day).

17. Your Facebook statuses from those early months really were riveting.

2006 Facebook (and Robin) was so painfully dull it's almost unbelievable it became so popular.

23. And the haircuts that came with it.

Lost my lip ring at the NME Indie Rave Tour listening to Klaxons, CSS and New Young Pony Club. #indieamnesty

24. When Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not came out in early 2006 you were convinced it was about you.


It was almost like they too had grown up in a slightly crap British town at the exact same time as you.

25. Checking your balance for the first time after your student loan payments landed, and being able to spend it a little more freely, as you'd just managed to avoid the £9,000 tuition fee cap.

27. Along with inevitable band posters. Some of which have aged better than others.

#indieamnesty and finally..c.2008 I tried to make my bedroom look like Carters Old No7

30. Seriously, how did people think carrying something this size around with them all night was a good idea?

31. A little like Santa, Radio 1 DJs seemed to be omnipresent – somehow playing every student union every single weekend.

@scott_mills I must have been too drunk to remember this #unimemories

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