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23 Things Anyone Who Can't Wait For New "Stranger Things" Will Appreciate

Only four days until this curiosity door is FINALLY unlocked!

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1. How the cast react to being spoken to like they're infants.

2. This mash-up.

3. The only Valentine's day card you could ever want.

4. The gingerbread house that's as terrifying as it is tasty.

5. This. Very much this.

6. This mannequin that looks oddly familiar.

7. The lengths that some people will go to for an authentic '80s experience.

8. This perfect T-shirt.

9. Hopper's favourite coffee mug.

10. This trap that we're definitely not falling for.

11. This depressingly real problem.

12. This proof that you've seen it all before.

13. Dr Strange(r Things).

14. And whilst we're on cosplay ā€“ this perfect idea for couples this Halloween.

15. This timely reminder of the most under-appreciated character on the whole show.

16. The font that makes anything seem kind of sinister.

Iā€™m only typing things in the Stranger Things font from now on

17. This tweet that shows why representation matters.

I wish there were a hero like Stranger Things' Eleven when I was a kid. Not bc she's a badass girl but bc I used to get a lot of nosebleeds

18. This comparison that you will never unsee.

19. This familiar problem, except it's actually been 15 MONTHS!!!

20. The joke that proves that internet isn't ALWAYS terrible.

21. This game we need to play immediately.

Bannon Rudis / Via

22. This sentence that basically sums it all up.

Not done with Stranger Things but any show that can make me yell "Ask the Christmas lights a yes or no question!" is doing something right

23. And finally...

On a scale of 1 - 10, how ready are you for season 2?