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27 "I'm Alan Partridge" Quotes That Will Give You The Last Laugh

I know a cracking owl sanctuary. How about it?

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1. When Alan was struck by a moment of inspiration:

2. And when he took on the farmers:

3. When he discussed Lynn's abilities with Carol:

4. When we discovered how Michael gets around:

5. When he made his excuses. Kind of:

6. When he showed that he really does know what he's talking about:

7. Most of the time:

8. When he encountered "Cacky" Raphael in the BP garage:

9. When his anecdote telling abilities were questioned:

10. When Lynn had a suggestion:

11. When Alan was told he couldn't have a second series:

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12. When Norwich woke to the big questions:

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13. When Alan tried his hand at American things:

14. When Dr Partridge gave a speedy diagnosis:

15. When love was in the air at Peartree Productions:

16. When Sonja thought she'd been shortchanged:

17. When Dan really didn't take the hint:

18. When Alan opened up about his demons:

19. When Lynn started to reap the benefits of her mother's death:

20. And wouldn't shut up about Benjamin Netanyahu:

21. When we met Apache Communications' technical expert:

22. When Alan gave Lynn 10 minutes to visit her mum's grave:

23. And when he pierced his foot on a spiiiiiiike:

24. When honesty wasn't exactly the best policy:

25. When Alan wanted to hear Michael's army stories:

26. When he proved he really was the best in the business:

27. And when he didn't pull any punches:

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