19 Foods You Might Find In A Christmas Dinner, Ranked

    Warning: This post contains opinions.

    Note: In order to prevent this list from being 50% meat, I have only included the poultry options. Sorry, ham lovers.

    19. Yorkshire puddings

    18. Brussels sprouts

    17. Mashed potatoes

    16. Cauliflower

    15. Cranberry sauce

    14. Broccoli

    13. Turkey

    12. Carrots

    11. Nut roast

    10. Chicken

    9. Gravy

    8. Cabbage

    7. Peas

    6. Bread sauce

    5. Parsnips

    4. Pigs in blankets

    3. Goose

    2. Roast potatoes

    1. Stuffing

    Disclaimer: These views do not reflect those of BuzzFeed. I am frequently wrong, and there’s no reason to believe that’s going to change here. Please tell us your own Christmas dinner rankings in the comments below.