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10 Things You Didn't Know About Jeremy Corbyn

As Jeremy Corbyn, and his simulacrum Momentum black-shirts plunge the Labour Party ever deeper into irrelevance, we cast light on the "genuinely radical" Party leader.

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1. He was on the payroll of the Iranian government for three years.

Between 2009 and 2012, Jeremy Corbyn was paid £20,000 for his appearances on Press TV, the official state channel of the Iranian Government. The state news outlet sought to claim "credibility" by having British voices speak on international matters, primarily those in the middle east.

The channel was banned in the UK in 2011 for filming the detention and torture of an Iranian journalist.

Corbyn's last appearance on the channel was six months after Ofcom banned the news network in the United Kingdom for airing a forced confession by Newsweek's tortured journalist Maziar Bahari.

Press TV is a pivotal mechanism of the Islamic Republic of Iran's state propaganda machinery. The channel routinely denounces homosexuality and celebrates their state executions.

According to Amnesty International, Corbyn's paymasters sanctioned the hanging of 1,314 people for the "crime" of homosexuality whilst handsomely lining Corbyn's pockets during his employment at the news network.

Corbyn continued to accept payments and work for Press TV after it had been banned in the United Kingdom for torturing journalist and celebrating the murder of gays.

"People who present programmes for Press TV and get paid for it should be really ashamed of themselves — especially if they call themselves liberals and people who are interested in human rights."

Iranian democracy campaigner Maziar Bahari speaking of Press TV.

2. Corbyn has the lowest public approval rating for an opposition leader after ten months since records began, in fact he is nearly as unpopular as Donald Trump.

Ipsos Mori

A doughnut chart is worth a million words.

So long as Jeremy Corbyn is at the helm of the Labour Party, you are doomed to years more of Conservative austerity.

3. Jeremy Corbyn is a Eurosceptic.

Jeremy Corbyn was against the Britain joining the EEC and then later the EU. He published numerous (over 50) anti-EU articles on his personal website, criticising the Union for eroding workers rights and destroying British industry.

Upon gaining leadership of the Labour Party, he saw fit to delete all of his anti-EU blog posts (someone needs to tell him about Google Cache).

4. Jeremy Corbyn is "open to the debate on man-made climate change".

Man-made climate change is a fact. There is no debate. The icecaps are melting. Our ecosystem is being destroyed.

Opening a "debate" on this topic would give credibility to the anti-climate change movement. We are still waiting to hear his opinion creating debate on the existence of gravity or if the earth is flat or not.

The fact that his brother, Piers Corbyn is a full-time climate change denier couldn't possibly have anything to do with it, could it?

5. He attended the funeral of an IRA terrorists and was against the peace process in Ireland.

During the 80s and 90s, thousands were losing their lives to indiscriminate terrorism, Jeremy Corbyn actively supported the perpetrators, the IRA, opposing and attempting to obstruct peace in Ireland.

* In 1985 Corbyn voted in Parliament against the Anglo-Irish Agreement, a bid to bring decades of terrorism to an end.

* He attended and spoke at numerous pro-IRA terrorist commemorations between 1986 and 1992 one event he spoke of postulated "that this [new violence] is the conclusive phase in the war to rid Ireland of the scourge of British imperialist force of arms is the only method capable of bringing this about"

* Jeremy Corbyn wrote an article in Labour Briefing supporting IRA violence and explicitly backed the Brighton Grand Hotel Bombing in 1984, which killed 5 people and seriously injured a further 31. Another article in the same magazine asked "What do you call four dead Tories?" A start. Apparently. No matter how much we dislike the Conservatives. I'm sure we can all agree, murder nor terrorism are a legitimate way of debating people we disagree with.

6. Accusations of Jeremy Corbyn's antisemitism could be greatly under-exaggerated.

Jeremy Corbyn has on numerous occasions, praised and supported, famed antisemite, Raed Salah, an Islamist who spreads the antisemitic Blood Libel conspiracy theory. A theory that claims Jews routinely use the blood of children to make their bread (seriously).

Raed Salah, who has been convicted twice for funding terrorist organisations, has also been charged with inciting racial hatred and violence and also claimed 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy theory.

Upon Salah's deportation from the United Kingdom for suggesting that Jews ritually feast on the blood of children, Jeremy Corbyn naturally came to his defence describing Salah as "a very honoured citizen".

Corbyn also came to the defence of self-professed holocaust denying vicar Stephen Sizer, banned from social media for proliferating antisemitic material. The fracas arose in February 2015 after the Sizer used his online presence to publish an article on Facebook, attempting to implicated wealthy Jewish people to 9/11. ‘Is this antisemitic?’ Asked Sizer below the link, adding "It raises so many questions.".

Corbyn famously invited Hamas and Hezbollah to Parliament, two organisations considered terrorist groups by the EU, the United Kingdom the USA among others. He described both groups as friends. The charter of Hamas is explicitly genocidal, from the first page onwards.

"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems kill the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."

The Hamas Covenant.

Corbyn has supported Holocaust denier Paul Eisen, even attending one an event organised and headed by the activist in 2013. Corbyn denied knowing Eisen was a holocaust denier in spite of Eisen publishing an article entitled "How I became a Holocaust denier" a mere four months prior to the event.

8. Jeremy Corbyn is chair of the "Stop The War Coalition".

Yet he is "friends" with Hamas, who according to a recently published 43-page Human Rights Watch report: bomb hospitals, use child soldiers, fire missiles at schools, killed 180 Palestinian children in a slave-labour project in 2013, use torture, extra-judicial executions and use women and children as human shields.

He also openly supported Vladamir Putin's military invasion of the Ukraine.

Which wars does he want to stop exactly?

9. Jeremy Corbyn is a friend and ally of ex-KKK leader, David Duke

Jeremy Corbyn has invited notorious racist and ex-leader and Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke, to speak at multiple events in the United Kingdom.

Well, enough said about that.

10. According to latest polling: If an election were held today, Labour would lose 50 seats and the Conservatives would win 50.

Election Calculus / Via

Time to find a new leader?

Prediction based on opinion polls from 10 Mar 2017 to 27 Mar 2017, sampling 10,972 people.

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