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The Social Media Editor is Dead

Every reporter works for Twitter now.

Rob Fishman • 5 years ago

The Silent Partner

Jason Goldman helped build Google and Twitter into what they are today — but few outside of tech's inner circle know his name. On shunning the spotlight in a star-obsessed industry.

Rob Fishman • 6 years ago

Aaron Wants To Be Free

The late prodigy Aaron Swartz was a product of — and an engine behind — the Web's open-access culture.

Rob Fishman • 6 years ago

The First 25 People On Facebook

Today is Facebook's ninth birthday. Meet the students who celebrated its birth — and find out where they are now.

Rob Fishman • 6 years ago

The Earliest Adopters

Would there be a Facebook without Mark Zuckerberg? Nine years later, his Harvard classmates weigh in.

Rob Fishman • 6 years ago

Grief And Anger At Aaron Swartz's Memorial

The information activist was "doomed to be just Aaron," recalls a friend. But a prosecutor was "hellbent on destroying his life."

Rob Fishman • 6 years ago

Google's Lost Social Network

How Google accidentally built a truly beloved social network, only to steamroll it with Google+. The sad, surprising story of Google Reader.

Rob Fishman • 6 years ago

15 Companies Getting Back Into The Businesses They Killed

That Words With Friends board game is just the tip of the disrupted iceberg.

Rob Fishman • 6 years ago

The Viral Iconographer

Meet the designer whose signature iOS icons are so popular, they’re often mistaken for Apple’s own.

Rob Fishman • 6 years ago