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A Stroll Down The Sultan Park

Sultan Park is where some of the Maldives’ royal families lived. This green area of Male gives a taste of the country’s tropical side and is one of the most remarkable heritage sites in the capital city. It was constructed to preserve the history of Maldives.

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Old Royal Palace in the heart of Male

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Built over the last remains of the old sultan palace, this park is famous among tour guides as a spot to take tourists. Water lilies and serene ponds welcome you to this green oasis. It is a three storey wing of colonial style architecture and is the only surviving part of the demolished Royal Palace.

Come at night, when all the trees are lit up.

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Many local and young people and families including foreigners spend their evenings in this well maintained green spot in the city. Do visit the Sultan Park and witness the historic past of the archipelago. If accommodation is a problem, not to worry! You can stay at an island resort showcasing beautiful white sand beaches and pristine coral reefs, such as the Kandolhu Island Maldives, and plan your trip to Male from there. Pack up your holiday kit and get a taxi to this gorgeous tropical park as it is one of the most beloved sites of Maldives!

Remains of the Sultan`s palace

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The park holds the remains of the Sultan’s Palace which is the Old National Museum that can be found in its vicinity.

The remaining wing of the palace has been converted to the National Museum which houses artefacts pertaining to Maldivian culture, including coins, royal antiques, furniture, embellishments, etc. This is a place you ought to visit along with a notebook and pencil to fill your mind with the history of Maldives!

The best kept secret in the Maldives

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Sultan Park is a symbol of Maldivian culture and heritage. Visitors are requested to savour these wonders before they bid farewell to Male City, the heart of Maldives.

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