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13 Things To Say To Annoy A Developer

Always be cool to developers — they more than likely know your passwords. Find your dream developer position with Robert Half Technology.

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1. "Why does / doesn't the code work?"

The answer to both is almost always: "I have no idea why."

2. “Why aren’t the printers working?” /

Because we have gremlins? A poltergeist? Bad wiring?

3. "Why does it say #00B6BC when I want it to be turquoise blue?"

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Because I'm good at my job.

4. “Can you hack into the government?”

Totally, no.

5. "Can you hack into my S.O.'s email?"

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No, and mostly because y'all just need some counseling.

6. “Exchange is down, can you fix it?”

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This is like saying, “Hey, you’re a writer... Can you teach my cat how to cook Asian fusion?"

7. “What does your T-shirt mean?"

"It means I don't care about fashion but I do like confusing people."

"It means I don't care about fashion but I do like confusing people."

8. "Mind if I refactor your code?"

Courtesy of Tara Parian

Right after code review? Why do DBAs insist on playing god?!

9. “Can you get me the latest software for free?”

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And if you're implying pirating the software, well, that's just insulting. #notalldevelopers

10. “Why is it taking you so long?”


It's uploading. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

11. “What’s wrong with the network?”

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You know, there are some really terrific people employed at the service desk — you'd really like them.

12. “Can you fix my website...for free?”


Dear freelance artists and designers: Developers feel your pain.

13. "You're good with computers, right?"

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This never ends well.