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    You've Been Eating Brie Cheese Wrong Your Entire Life

    Brie with a twist!

    Gooey Baked Brie In Phyllo Dough


    Serving Size: 4-6

    - 10 Sheets Thawed Phyllo Dough

    - 1 Wheel of Brie Cheese

    - Raspberry Preserves

    - Melted Butter

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

    Lay a sheet of phyllo dough horizontally on a smooth, dry surface. Brush with melted butter. Place another sheet on top. Layer with butter. Continue until you have five sheets on top of each other. Layer the remaining sheets vertically. Make sure to butter each sheet.

    Place brie in the center of the sheets and top with raspberry preserves. Fold sheet corners over the brie. Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 F/ 200 C between 25-30 minutes.

    Serve warm, with bread or crackers.

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