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Things You Should Probably Stop Messing Around With


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1. Your overdraft.

FreMantleMedia / Channel 4 / Via

It is definitely not going to go away if you keep ignoring it – it's just going to get angrier and angrier and angrier. It's probably time the two of you had a serious chat and discussed the future.

3. Sleep / Via

Yes, we know Netflix is calling, but one more episode turns into three more episodes, which quickly transforms into an entire season. You are left blurry eyed, exhausted, and frankly, dysfunctional as a human being. GET SOME SHUT-EYE.

4. The sea. / Via

Yes, it may be summer, and that glistening ocean looks oh so tempting, but the fact remains that the water can still be extremely cold. One accidental slip or unexpected wave could send your body into cold water shock – be aware!

5. Damp and mould.

Disney–ABC Domestic Television / Via

You can't just cover it up with a poster or ignore it and turn a blind eye. That problem area on your wall is going to make you sick, so sort it out – stop pretending it doesn't exist!

7. Cooking instructions.

American Dad! / 20th Century Fox Television / Via

You may be famished, but if you're not careful, that ready meal you're desperate to eat may exit you as quickly as you nommed it down. "Instructions are there for a reason," says your tummy.

8. The environment.

Action Photo Tours / Via

Seriously, it really isn't that hard to do your part. It's pretty easy in fact. Think of these poor guys next time you don't recycle your drink cans and toilet roll tubes.

9. Your limits / Via

You should really know by now which number pint tips you over the edge, switching you from merry to messy. Really, it is pretty important that you know when to stop. You'll save yourself many a slip, trip, and hangover – which can only be a good thing.

10. The current. / Via

Even if you think you could take on a world-class swimmer in a quick 100m butterfly dash, a hidden current could very easily drag you and your swimming skills out to sea before you could kick your flippers.

Life should be fun, but sometimes we just need to get a bit serious, especially around the water. Over 200 people accidentally die in British and Irish waters each year and around half of these people never even intended to get wet. Have fun, stay safe, #RespectTheWater.