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10 Facts That Prove The Sea To Be Pretty Terrifying

Respect it, as it certainly won't respect you...

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Summer! Sunshine! Sunburn! What a time to be alive...

Yep, it's the British Summer. Six whole days of only partially interrupted sunshine. But as we rush to the beaches this year, it's important to remember that we're, by and large, not a seafaring people. We truly underestimate water at our peril.

Don't believe us? Then why not try our breathe test and see how long you can last.

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It's more difficult than it looks, and that's without the freezing cold temperatures!

8. These currents have been known to reach speeds of over 6.5kph.

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To put that into context, the average human swims at about 1.5kph. Even the professionals can't match that speed in a tranquil swimming pool; the current freestyle record for the 400m only barely exceeds the speed of a rip current.

The RNLI has been saving lives at sea since 1824. But no matter how good they are, every year there are still over 200 people who lose their lives in British and Irish waters.