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    Forget The Resolutions. You Are A Masterpiece.

    Another New Year’s Eve approaches led by the inevitable tidal wave of resolutions. Most resolutions revolve around the female body – to lose weight, “get fit,” go to the gym, do a cleanse and so forth. Like good little consumers, we fill our Amazon carts with diuretic tea “cleanses”, “miracle pills”, and anti-aging creams, like in a trance. But why? Media has brainwashed us that there is one specific body type to define beauty and health, and with it, come all our dreams for 2020. Not only is this toxic, it is flatly untrue. Many plus size women are healthy, active and happy, so why must every year we be pressured to make drastic changes to our bodies to signify the turning of the calendar? Life is too short to spend it buried under the pages of magazines ripped out for “thinspiration” and heaps diet products formulated to fail and keep you coming back. So, I am offering a different kind of photo inspiration and dare you to enter 2020 loving your body the way that you are. Right now. Seriously. You do have the power to change yourself in the New Year,- not by changing your body, but by changing your mindset. Look in the mirror and admire your body for getting you through another year of life. Appreciate every roll, stretch mark, scar, or wrinkle as a road map of your journey into 2020. With a collective voice and positive content, the next decade can be one celebrating all bodies and expanding the definition of beauty. Enter the Renaissance of the Renaissance.

    Asia Monet as The Goddess in a Frame

    Sarah Hamel-Smith, Lorenzo Dinia and Sophie Turner as Bacchanalia

    “When I think of the Renaissance Era, I’ve rarely seen women of color and curves depicted in the art. It is exciting to be part of this project and part of the new narrative,” says model Asia Monet, who was our exalted goddess in a gilded frame. We encourage you to see yourself worth of that same frame, because you in all your unique strength are a goddess in your own right.

    Renee Cafaro as The Queen

    Jonna Capone as Venus