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7 Times Patience St. Pim Was Our Favorite Villain In Adventure Time

Patience St. Pim is the Ice Elemental. A master manipulator, her powers are far more fascinating than Ice King's. After being discovered deep down under Ice King's place in the episode "Elemental", she has since played a significant role in Adventure Time. Perhaps Patience is best known for being the main antagonist in the miniseries "Elements". To a lot of Adventure Time fans like me, she is considered one of our favorite villains. Here are 7 times we loved this amazing bad gal!

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1. When she survived the Earth's cataclysm

2. When she asked Ice King to kidnap the other three elementals

3. and then unlocked Princess Bubblegum's and Slime Princess' elemental juice

4. When she made a crystal entity of herself

5. When she wore a funny hat so she could fly

6. and cause damage

7. And when she wore that magnificent dress

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