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12 Ways Hosting A Party And Playing In The Big Game Are Literally The Same Thing

OK, so a quarterback scores touchdowns or whatever. You serve amazingly delicious snacks with some assistance from RITZ Crackers,'re the real MVP!

1. Like a seasoned coach, you’re used to calling the shots.

2. You spend weeks prepping for game day.

3. You've got an entire team helping you out.

4. And you're never one to drop the ball.

5. You've accumulated tons of fans.

6. You definitely benefit from carbo-loading.

7. You both partake in an ample amount of "running around."

8. The halftime show provides your only moment of respite.

9. You've definitely got a post-game victory dance down pat.

10. You know it always helps to have a mascot.*

11. You're used to squeezing in tight plays in the last couple minutes.

12. And no matter the outcome, you'll take pride in knowing you crushed it out there.

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With delicious recipes like buffalo chicken toppers and chipotle meatballs, RITZ Crackers provide all the creativity — and flavor! — you need to ensure your game day party is a winning one.