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5 Reasons Why You Should See The Glory Of Living

Who better to tell you than the cast and crew?

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1. "The unflinching look into Lisa and Clint's world" -- John Hart (Clint)

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John, who plays Clint, pours emotional and physical energy into bringing his character's truth to life. He and Sophie Gagnon (Lisa) portray layered humans that do inhuman things. Many of the actors acknowledge that the world is not one for the faint-hearted, but discomfort is where dialogue begins.

2. Because it's "an illuminating exploration of the frailty of morality, and of the blurry line separating perpetrators of crimes and their victims." -Eric Parness (Carl)

Eric Parness plays Carl Sheffield, a Alabama defense lawyer who was appointed to defend Lisa when she goes to trial for her crimes. He needs to reconcile both his relationship to Lisa and justice in Glory of Living. Eric works dutifully to understand Gilman's piece and constantly reexamines his intentions and emotions.

3. "The humanity of it. It may be very dark, but darkness exists in all of us. Some people chose to act on it and most don't. If we can truly look into the dark, we can bring about the light in ourselves." --Monica Blaze Leavitt (Fight Director and Dialect Coach)

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Monica is not one for gratuitous violence. She coaches the actors with intention and hopes that viewing violence will discourage persons from "acting on their own impulses." In this photo, she and the actors are hard at work on fight choreography.

4. "It is a big reminder that as a woman, I have to stand my ground, fight for myself, in what I believe in and not let any man or person treat me the way Clint treats women." -- Miranda Cuellar (Assistant Stage Manager)

Jane Bertelsen

Our incredible ASM during our tech/load-in. She takes strength and power away from Glory of Living and also puts a lot back into it.

5. Support independent ensemble theater.

Jane Bertelsen

The cast and crew is passionate about breathing life (and even a little bit of glory?) into this production. See for yourself this Saturday, June 24th at the Flamboyán Theater at the Clemente (107 Suffolk Street New York, NY)!

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