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12 Shape-Changers From The Animal World That You Won't Believe Are Real

Being stuck with the same appearance day in and day out is a drag. However, just like the crime fighters of the R.I.P.D., some lucky animals can take on new mysterious shapes and forms.

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1. Cuttlefish can change their color in a split second.


These relatives of the squid can control the balance of pigment in their skin, which means they always look great in photographs.

2. Some octopus can change both the color and texture of their skin.


While most of us are worried about keeping our skin free of bumps, this octopus uses muscles in its skin to bump up at will to mimic rocky surfaces.

6. Pufferfish gulp down gallons of water and transform into a ball of spikes.

Seattle Aquarium / Via

In a matter of seconds, the pufferfish goes from being the cute, large-eyed pug of the sea, to a swimming nightmare.

8. Cobras extend their hood when they are threatened or in a fight.


This makes them look scarier to both their predators and prey, as if generic snakiness wasn't scary enough already.

10. Peacocks expand their feathers in the throes of passion.


However, if you were a normal bird, like a duck or a robin, it would probably be intimidating to ask a peacock out on a date.

12. Stick insects assume the shape of a branch and hold perfectly still to avoid predators.


While this is a good way to avoid being eaten, living your life as a dead branch has some major social downside.

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