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Can You Make It Through These Surprisingly Emotional Ring Doorbell Videos Without Shedding A Tear?

Whether you use them to help protect your home or just leave a message for your loved ones, Ring products will help keep your memories secure*.

1. This man using his doorbell cam to film his surprise proposal reveal to his girlfriend:

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After a day of moving, Kayla and Brandt were spending the first night in their new home, when Brandt asked Kayla to join him outside to help him move one last box. Little did she know, Brandt had another box to show her — one with a ring! Brandt recorded the whole thing on their Ring Video Doorbell* so their family and friends could enjoy the moment. Maybe instead of wedding bells, they can ring doorbells for the ceremony.

2. This proud papa leaving daily messages to his daughter using his doorbell camera:

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When Chuck's daughter Hannah was born, he promised to try to "tell her [that] I love her and make sure that she knows that she's loved and kind of the center of my universe” every day of her life. That got harder to do when Hanna moved away for grad school, so Chuck used his Ring Video Doorbell* to leave her daily messages, which edited together make for maximum dad adorableness.

3. This little girl boss practicing her Girl Scout cookie sales pitch on her family's doorbell cam:

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Allie, a Daisy Girl Scout, knew she’d have to be extra creative if she wanted to hit her “super-seller” goal of selling 560 boxes of cookies. Thankfully, her mom Kristen came up with a clever idea to get her daughter’s sales pitch out to the world.

Instead of selling cookies door to door, Allie’s mom used their Ring Video Doorbell Pro with a Ring Protect subscription to record her daughter’s adorable sales pitch at their own door. Then she shared it with friends, family and on social media. The result? Allie sold over 200 boxes in just 24 hours. And that was just the beginning. Allie achieved her original goal five times over by selling more than 3,000 boxes in total.

4. This neighbor who speaking through her doorbell cam kept a little girl calm after running away from a bobcat:

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Seven-year-old Taylor was riding a bike on her street when a bobcat (!) suddenly appeared in the neighborhood, walking toward her. Taylor, thinking fast, pedaled to her neighbor's house a few doors down...but no one was home. Don't worry, this story has a happy ending! The family had a Ring Video Doorbell and it alerted neighbor Nicole that Taylor was at her door. Nicole used the Live View feature on her Ring App to keep Taylor calm until she got back home shortly.

5. These kids who used their doorbell cam to leave messages for their military dad:

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Because he presumably hadn't taught them Morse code yet, when Major DeCrans was deployed, his kids stayed connected to their father by leaving cute messages on their family's Ring Video Doorbell*. You gotta salute their persistence.

6. This dad helping his son flip to his favorite TV channel through their doorbell cam:

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Caleb was at work when he received a notification from his home’s Ring Video Doorbell. Opening his Ring App, he saw his son Grayson, who was on a mission to find the kids channel on TV. Using the camera's Two-Way Talk, he coached his son through his search. Next, Caleb can teach Grayson how to use a phone!

7. These trick-or-treaters getting caught committing a sweet gesture:

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These trick-or-treaters chose treat over trick. Ashleigh’s husband put out a sign on their front porch that read, “Take all you want. Just not the Starbursts. My wife loves them.” Thanks to the couple's Ring Video Doorbell* with Night Vision, they saw how Diego and Miguel took the message to heart, grabbing Starbursts out of their own bags and leaving them for Ashleigh.

8. This dad and daughter who wrote a heartfelt thank-you letter to their mail carrier and caught her emotional reaction:

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One day Jannette, a USPS mail carrier, delivered a heavy package to John and his daughter. So to thank her, they decided to leave some mail of their own: a letter expressing gratitude! Thanks to their Ring Video Doorbell*, they saw Jannette's reaction, which was more emotional than they expected.

9. This neighbor watching on his door cam a guy literally putting out a fire on his porch:

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When Brandon received a notification on his Ring App, he opened the Live View to see his neighbor unwittingly becoming a volunteer firefighter. A small fire had started at Brandon's front door and Gabriel, who was driving by, turned his car all the way around to extinguish it. Brandon says if it wasn't for his Ring Video Doorbell, he “wouldn't have known who Gabriel was and I wouldn't be able to give him the praise that he deserves..."

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