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10 Crazy Easter Traditions From Around The World

Count me in on the crime TV binging and the giant Omelettes!

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1. The cracking of the whip in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

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If you are a woman living in the Czech Republic or Slovakia it is in your best interest to stay inside on Easter because the local men and boys all roam the streets with a decorated whip looking for girls to lightly whip. Don't fret, the whipping is not suppose to hurt but rather encourage beauty and good health. As great as beauty and health are I'd much rather take my chances than experience a little whipping.

2. Easter-ween in Finland

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Forget Halloween, the time to dress up as witches and go door-to-door for candy comes during Easter in Finland. Not only do the children dress up but many bonfires are held to scare witches and Satan away.

3. Iguanas, Turtles, and Big Rodents are the food of choice in Colombia for Easter

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Colombians are not tempted by chocolate eggs but rather they observe Easter by feasting on iguanas, turtles, and big rodents as the holiday's delicacy.

4. Red Eggs in Greece

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A typical Easter tradition for many households is to decorate eggs many different colors, but in Greece you will only find red eggs. Red is the color of life and for the Greeks, represents the blood of Christ. Eggs are a symbol of like and having the eggs decorate red portrays the message of victory over death.

5. Crucifixion in the Philippines

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No where is Easter celebrated more seriously than in the Philippines. In the central Luzon province of Pampanga, many Catholics willingly volunteer to have their palms and feet nailed before being pretend "crucified" by people dressed as Romans. This gruesome ritual has been discouraged by Catholic leaders but the local mayor supports it as it draws up to 60,000 people and boosts the local economy.

6. Water and traditional clothing in Hungary

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In Hungary, women dress up in traditional clothes, on Easter, and get splashed with water. While this may be uncomfortable it is definitely more "desirable" than getting whipped.

7. Butter Lambs throughout Europe

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A typical Easter feast in Russia is accompanied by a hunk of butter in the shape of a lamb. Why a lamb you ask? In ancient times lambs were considered lucky and you can be sure that a lamb is not Satan in disguise. It is said that Beelzebub can take the form of all animals except the lamb.

8. Crime TV and novel binging in Norway / Via

In Norway, TV channels run crime shows and release a slew of detective novels just before Easter. The interest in crime TV and books is so high in Norway that even the milk cartons contain short detective stories on them. People across the country flock to the mountains to binge the new series of crime books and TV. This tradition took to popularity around 1923.

9. An orange for a kiss in Hungerford, Britain

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The good men of Hungerford, Britain would scoff at the whipping of women in the Czech Republic as they take on a more gentleman-like tradition for women. The people of this southern part of England gather to elect two Tutti-men to roam the town, with a flower decorated Tutti (pole), handing out oranges to local women in return for a kiss.

10. Giant Omelettes in France

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Every Easter Monday the people of Haux, France crack over 4,500 eggs into a huge pan to create a massive omelette that serves well over 1,000 people. Each family in the town gathers up all of their eggs and cracks them before adding their share into the giant pan to be cooked in the main square. When the omelette is finally ready, the townspeople are set for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner....

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