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What Member Of 1013 Are You

1013 is filled with ur fav girls. Which one are u???

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  1. What do you do when you see a dirty pan in the kitchen?

    Send a pic in group chat demanding someone clean it
    Pretend like you don't see it
    Clean it up
    bitch about it but do nothing
    stay out of it
    confused why its a big deal bc pan
  2. When Brandon Feit is over do you...

    Hook up with him
    Hide in your room
    question his presence
    Laugh at him
  3. Uh OH NOROVIRUS has approached us.. what happens to you

    end up in the hospital
    only have it for a short period of time
    never get it
    "don't get it" but actually get the sickest
    get it a week later
    get it.. but it isn't surprising because you're always sick
  4. When you have an exam what do you do?

    Take so much addy you end up in the hospital
    Take Addy and not sleep
    Take addy and sit in apartment in jeans all day watching stat videos
    Take addy and go to law quad
    Sell it
  5. When you buy a Hamster do you...

    Like it to some extent
    cuddle with it
    Freak the fuck out
    don't mind bc ur fucking ur boyfriend
    think its funny and then demand it is returned immediately
    ignore it because it smells too bad
  6. When you set off the fire alarm your first response is

    keep cooking chicken
    Laugh while laying on the floor unable to move
    To hide the bong
    Pray the cops don't come
    wtf is wrong with u guys
    Open the windows
  7. When it's bedtime do you...

    get a tuck tuck
    give a tuck tuck
    overdose on melatonin
    you don't sleep.. you're nocturnal
    watch netflix
    take a reasonable amount of melatonin and pepto
  8. What do you put on your chicken

    sweet and sour
    salt and pepper
    kosher chicken only
    I only eat egg whites and spinach duh
  9. What dog do you own

    dog attacked by a coyote
    a boo
    a tucker
  10. After date party you

    miss your flight
    bring ur boy back and make ur roomates v uncomf
    didn't go to date party but still enjoy the aftershow
    didn't go to date party and is alseep
    went to date party and ditch date to enjoy after show
    go to dp with a boy u actually like
  11. After sex what do you do

    eat chocolate cake
    forget you had sex
    don't get to sex bc u tell them ur celibate
    too many to remember what you do
    its rare bc ur boyfriend doesn't live in the country
  12. What is your 7/11 go to snack

    Ice cream
    anything ratchet
    sour patch watermelon
  13. What member of the apartment are you

    The pastry chef
    the illegal friend
    The Housekeeper
    Social chair
    soon-to-be mother
  14. What is your pizza house order

    Chicken and mashed potatos
    cinna stix
    boneless buffalo wings
    cheesy bread
    chicken parm and a milkshake
    Feta bread with ranch
  15. what's your biggest fuckup

    3 hospital transports
    volunteering for social chair
    too many to count
    getting mipped
    getting an a- in chem
    having too many pregnancy scares
  16. At 2 am you are most likely to be

    passed out for 12 hours
    high and eating kix
    in jeans at the kitchen counter doing work
    running around hopped off addy
    binge watching gossip girl
  17. In Toronto you..

    Lost your virginity
    lose your roomkey and almost get kidnapped
    shower with a random boy take his shirt and never speak again
    didn't go
  18. Joey Levy is..

    Your ex
    ur best friend
    your drug dealer

What Member Of 1013 Are You

You got: Riley Gideon

Congrats! You got Riley! You should take this moment and realize you are not only a degenerate and ratchet but your life is on a downward spiral and you will probably end up in the hospital twice! Good Luck!

Riley Gideon
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You got: Allie Wilk

Congrats! You're Allie! This means you semi have your life together and only good things going for you. Chances are you will only wear jeans for the rest of your life and be a bake-a-holic control freak sometimes!

Allie Wilk
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You got: Noa Friedman

Congrats! You got Noa! This means you are a sweet jewish girl dating a nice NJB. Like honestly you have your shit together!!! You might become a drug dealer at some point though.. so watch out.

Noa Friedman
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You got: Madison Kanstoroom

Congrats! You got Madison! This means you are a coffee-holic, study-a-holic woman who is mean under stress! Don't worry though because you def know how to have fun! You might even find yourself having sex on a beach!

Madison Kanstoroom
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You got: Lacey Rubin

Congrats! You got Lacey! This means you are a part time mom and chef in your free time. When you're not getting too drunk to be coherent or getting an MIP you can be found at the gym, talking about going to the gym, or planning your next trip to the gym!

Lacey Rubin
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You got: Sophia Livney

Congrats! You got Sophia! This means you most likely have a boy attached to you at all times. BUT only a boy that lives in landmark. When you're not wandering the halls of landmark passing from boys room to boys room you can be found stressing about social, eating amers sandwhiches, or ordering some ratchet dinner from pizza house!

Sophia Livney
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