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We Surprised A Group Of Jewish Kids By Having Them Meet Santa For The First Time And They Weren't Into It

"Is his beard real?"

We surprised a group of Jewish children by having them meet Santa for the first time, and their conversations were hilarious.

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These kids don't celebrate Christmas, so they've never met Santa Claus.

But that doesn't mean they're not into presents, holiday festivities, family, and fun!

Although, some of the kids weren't so into the idea of Santa. And frankly, this girl didn't even believe in him.

This kid wasn't so sure what to believe. And he definitely didn't know what to make of Santa's immortality. Seems a bit fishy.

We decided to surprise them by bringing Old Saint Nick out to say hello.

But the kids didn't seem too excited.



The kids were like, what are we supposed to do and say to this dude?

But this little guy was kinda warming up to him!

And even though they all started to get a little more comfortable after some time...

It was still a pretty awkward experience.