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    6 Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica That Might Be True

    What's really going on in Antarctica?

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    Antarctica is a fascinating place. Did you know some parts of it haven't seen rain or snow in over 2 million years?

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    Yes, it's got ridiculously beautiful landscapes like this one.

    Watch to learn more about Antartica's crazy conspiracies!

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    1. Some believe that Antarctica is actually the sunken island of Atlantis. Whaaaat?

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    Because Antarctica wasn't completely covered in ice at one point, some argue an ancient civilization could have lived there.

    But then there's also this suggestion:

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    Although this theory is not accepted by conventional scientists.

    2. Images captured by NASA's "Operation Ice Bridge" are evidence that an ancient civilization existed in Antarctica12,000 years ago.

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    "Operation Ice Bridge" is a six-year aerial survey to understand Earth's climate changes better. But there is little evidence to prove the photos captured by NASA are solid proof of the presence of an ancient civilization.

    3. UFO theorists believe there are pyramids in Antarctica.

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    Wait. What? A professor of Earth at UCI discredited this theory by saying it's "just a mountain that looks like a pyramid... many peaks partially look like pyramids."

    4. The Piri Reis Map shows Antarctica before it was covered in ice, while others suggest it was created by an ancient civilization thousands of years ago.

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    Like whoa! The Piri Reis Map was created in 1513 by a man named (you guessed it) Piri Reis, who was an Ottoman admiral. The map was allegedly rediscovered in 1929 in the imperial archives in Constantinople.

    But wait just a minute! If these maps are so ancient, then how the hell have they been preserved so well?

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    If this "ancient" map had been that old and that accurate, it would have likely influenced lots of other maps that came after, but there is no clear trace of the map's descendants. Hmmmm.

    5. Hitler didn't commit suicide, but instead fled using the German submarine fleet to go inside the Earth via an entrance in Antarctica. Nazis allegedly believed there was a superior race that lived there.

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    Some theorists believe Nazis planned to hide inside the Earth while developing advanced technology like spacecraft. It was known as "Operation Highjump."

    6. The whole damn continent doesn't exist.

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    Theorists also say there's a strict no-fly zone where pilots have aggressively been turned away. We were never able to confirm this alleged no-fly zone.