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Stuffed Mussels Makana

Easy to make seafood Appetizer

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Mussels Makana

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Mussels Makana, we’ve had the fortunate experience of traveling all over the world. And over the years on our travels I’ve realized that it’s wise to take advantage of local culinary offerings, when in Rome eat like the Romans. So as we returned to Maine this past week we’ve had our share of Lobster, locally raised beef, poultry and lamb and great seasonal veggies (corn, corn and more corn). However in addition to lobster there is another great seafood treat which is harvested from Maine waters, Mussels

This summer we haven’t been living aboard Makana as she’s taking a well deserved vacation on the hard in Florida. In years past while cruising aboard Makana in Maine waters all I had to do was mention Mussels to Hoku and off we’d go in the dinghy in pursuit. It’s relatively easy to score a “bucket” of Mussels in Maine. Visit any rocky area at low tide pull up the seaweed between the cracks in the rocks and bingo in less time than it would take for us to go to a grocery store we have our share of “organic” mussels! We’ve picked for Mussels with success in New Zealand and South Africa however with the exception of the large Green Lip Mussels in a small area of Marlboro Sound in New Zealand the best we’ve found are in Maine. Mussels are deeeelcious and very diverse seafood which can be prepared in a variety of ways. One of my favorite is a recipe I developed while we were in New Zealand and later named Mussels Makana. No boat, no problem as most grocery stores stock mussels, just make sure they are fresh and alive before cooking, ENJOY!

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