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    Is it necessary to use an antivirus now?

    If you use Windows, you can keep Microsoft Security Essentials, which is installed by default from Windows 8. You can also get the best antivirus for windows 8.

    It is not always enough to be cautious, we can not protect ourselves from absolutely everything.

    If you have a conversation about antivirus with a group of technology lovers, it is guaranteed that at least one of them will say that this type of software is not necessary if you are careful when using your computer.

    This statement is partly true because the most important thing to avoid infecting the computer with malware is having common sense and following certain parameters that will keep you safe. However, this does not mean that you will be 100% protected all the time and that is why, in most cases, it is necessary to have an antivirus installed.

    If you use Windows, you have to be more careful than ever, not because this operating system is not safe, but because it is the most popular for many years. Linux and OS X have much fewer users in the world and this is why malware developers often create malware that attacks Microsoft's operating system simply because they are more likely to succeed.

    The truth is that although all possible precautions are taken, you will never be totally safe from malware. But installing an antivirus (if you do not have it by default), having common sense and following some tips for your security, you can avoid malicious software in a victorious way.

    Stay protected

    1. Be careful with the sites you visit. If you frequent sites with adult content and websites where pirated software is downloaded, the risk of an infection in your computer increases a lot. In this case you can avoid these pages completely or visit them with caution. But, unfortunately, legitimate web pages can also be compromised with malware . This is one of the reasons why it is good to have an antivirus that always protects us.

    2. Use a modern operating system. Yes, it is true that Windows XP was great, but it has no support, and therefore, it is insecure. So try to install Windows 7 or a later version.

    3. Install updates. Always install the updates offered by the system because they are made to protect the user. If you forget, then configure Windows to install them automatically, or to notify you when they are ready to install. This rule also applies to the applications you use.

    4. Create guest accounts on your computer. You should only consider it if you lend your computer to someone else. The idea is that there is another user who is not an administrator to prevent a friend or family member from infecting your PC without realizing it.

    5. Download software from the author's page. There are pages where they collect software of all kinds and you can download what you want. The problem is that many bring malware. Therefore, it is better to download the programs using the official website of their creators.

    6. Install an antivirus and keep it updated. If you use Windows, you can keep Microsoft Security Essentials, which is installed by default from Windows 8. You can also get the best antivirus for windows 8.