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Vince Cable Has Lost His Seat To The Tories And People Are Totally Shocked

The 71-year-old had held his seat since 1997.

Business secretary Vince Cable has lost his seat in Twickenham to Tania Mathias of the Conservatives in a terrible night for the Liberal Democrats.

Jonathan Brady / PA

The 71-year-old had held the seat since 1997 and was one of the most highest profile casualties of the 2015 general election.

Mr Cable said his party had suffered a “terrible night”, with the Lib Dems expected to win just 10 seats, down from 56.

"The fact is we were hit by a very effective campaign based on people's fears of a Labour government and the SNP," he said on Friday morning.

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"We will see in the days that follow what the implications are of that.

"I want to say it has been a marvellous experience and a great honour, being the MP for this constituency.

"Unfortunately, it has been a terrible night all over for our party, but I'm absolutely certain we'll bounce back locally and nationally."

His defeat was declared the biggest shock of the night.

Vince Cable is ousted by Tories in Twickenham. Biggest shock of the night

"Where you up for the moment when Vince Cable lost his seat?"

There was the odd joke, but in the main the reaction was one of shock.

Vince Cable seems to be taking things in stride #GE2015

Vince Cable was the only one I liked you know. Well, time to make this money on the After-Dinner speaking circuit

Still haven't got over Vince Cable. #ge2015

Vince Cable and Charlie K both lost their seats, oh gods.

Very sad to see Vince Cable go. Deserves thanks for all his work and support in re energising of business and enterprise in Hull

I hope Vince Cable is posting his hat to Paddy Ashdown.

I genuinely feel utterly gutted for Vince Cable :-(

I actually feel bad for Vince Cable...

Terrible to see Vince Cable go out to the Tories. They have truly paid the price for the coalition.

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