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    17 Reasons Chrissy Teigen Is The BFF We All Need And Deserve

    A clapback goddess who makes amazing food.

    1. First of all, you would have the greatest girls' nights of all time, live-tweeting the Real Housewives of New York or binge watching Lip Sync Battle.

    2. And you would shut shit down whenever you do go out, having the most epic turn-ups ever.

    3. Because honestly, she really knows how to have a good time.

    4. You could have super fun, low-key nights in with baby Luna!

    5. And you would get to play dress up, because why wouldn't you with all of this cuteness?

    6. Let's be frank, you'll never have to worry about trolls again because she always knows the perfect way to respond to them.

    7. And you would also get to spend most of your time drooling over all of the mouthwatering food she would show you how to make.

    8. Or you guys could have full blown cook-offs!

    (I think we know who might win, but that's cool.)

    9. Along with that, you guys would share a love for Queen Bey.

    10. And very adorable puppies.

    11. Maybe one of the more important benefits of your friendship: She would say all of the things you're always thinking.

    12. And she would show you how to perfectly pose, taking the greatest pics ever.

    13. While giving you some style tips because, well, she really knows how to dress.

    14. But hey, it's Chrissy. So as you're looking your best, she'd also show you how to really not give AF what anyone thinks about you.

    15. And while you're getting summer ready, Chrissy would hold you accountable for all of your health goals (serving as an inspiration herself).

    16. Not to mention, she would remind you to wait for the guy who treats you like gold.

    17. And basically be the best friend you always needed.

    Thanks for always keepin' it real, Chrissy.