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    15 Fan Reactions To "The Black Phone" That'll Convince Any Horror Fan To Add It To Their List

    You know what, maybe I won't dodge all my calls from now on...

    Although it was released in theaters a little while ago, The Black Phone has seen a second wave of popularity after it landed on streaming recently.

    As with pretty much any film marketed as a horror, The Black Phone has had its fair share of flack — but it's also ignited a brand new, passionate fanbase.

    Fans have been reveling in not only the story but also the stellar talent of the young cast.

    So, what's the consensus overall? Let's look at a few Twitter reviews!

    1. The Black Phone is up against some fierce competition in the 2022 horror scene, but it's holding its head high.

    scream, nope, bodies x3, prey, the black phone, x, orphan: first kill and soon barbarian + halloween ends… horror fans are eating so good in 2022

    Twitter: @ghostfacegay

    It's standing out on a crowded playing field so far.

    2. Just in case you wondered...

    This is your daily reminder that The Black Phone is a masterpiece

    Twitter: @night_crawlingx

    High praise indeed!

    3. Not only is The Black Phone making lists for 2022, many are saying it's fast become an all-time favorite.

    The black phone is one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen!

    Twitter: @CastigliaElijah / Universal Pictures

    4. It's making lists and making records.

    #BlackPhone is now the top grossing horror non sequel film in the pandemic. Just another day at the office. Congrats to @scottderrickson and @Massawyrm Word.

    Twitter: @jason_blum

    5. It's not just the storyline that hooked people — the actual cinematography took some by surprise, too.

    Universal Pictures / Twitter: @screenscaps

    The opening sequence builds that ominous creep factor and throws you right into the movie's '70s setting, and pretty much every moment of the film is dark, chilling and totally screencap-worthy.

    6. The talent of the cast, some of whom were seen for the first time onscreen by many moviegoers, caught people off guard.

    The black phone: this movie, hands down, is one of the absolute best movies I’ve ever seen. The cinematography, the acting, the dialogue, backdrops, clothes, etc. it gives me chills throughout the entire story.had me hooked , So gripping. Plus the kid's acting was extraordinary!!

    Twitter: @begumblahblah

    7. Young actors Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw absolutely stunned as siblings Finney and Gwen.

    So many great performances in #TheBlackPhone but @Mason_Thames and @maddygmcgraw were Oscar worthy! Hope this film springboards them to long careers in Hollywood!

    Twitter: @PlayByPlayGuy1

    The movie's young cast are relatively new to Hollywood, especially lead Mason Thames, who only had three acting credits to his name prior to The Black Phone.

    8. I have to agree.

    Child actors getting better and better like Omg. Just watched this movie called the black phone and the kid who plays Finn such a great actor

    Twitter: @ARATAKISKY

    Mason Thames, who plays Finney, thanks the tweeter in the comments, too! He often does this. Wholesome.

    9. The next Leo and Kate? Hollywood's in good hands.

    @Mason_Thames Damn straight! I rewatched you two the other night in #TheBlackPhone and was thinking about how rare it is that such effortless talent comes along like you and @maddygmcgraw! I was thinking these two are the next Leo and Kate or Ryan G and Emma Stone. So excited for y’all! 🤘❤️

    Twitter: @jonmmargolis Moviestore Collection / Alamy, Universal Pictures

    Many praised Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw, saying their performances weren't just some of the best kid performances, but some of the best overall.

    10. It's a psychological thriller, and it certainly stayed in people's minds afterwards.

    Just thinking back on it, #TheBlackPhone was one of the best horror thrillers I've seen in years, Ethan Hawke was chilling, Finn (mason thames) was harrowing and the story and acting in general were amazing. Catch it on demand or however if you miss theater #EthanHawke #joehill

    Twitter: @Irrelevant01

    11. When a movie's young lead is compared to a beloved late acting icon, you know they've gotta be good.

    Screenshot of a tweet reading "Yes, of course, River Phoenix! That's the comparison I was looking for as to Mason Thames' sensitive, emotionally honest portrayal of his character -- and that is high praise."

    12. It really says something when even the fans of the original story praise the onscreen adaptation.

    Y'all, it's even better than I'd hoped. Maybe one of the best screen adaptations of a short story ever. @scottderrickson @Massawyrm @joe_hill Film Eleven @TheOverlookFest 2022 - The Black Phone

    Twitter: @pksfrk Moviestore Collection / Alamy, Universal Pictures

    I will admit, I am usually that annoying person proclaiming that "the book was better." But, very occasionally, a movie comes along, and it makes the story even more vivid and impactful than it was on the page. It seems The Black Phone is one of them!

    If you fancy reading the story, it's included in 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill, alongside 14 other short stories.

    (I watched this movie without having read the story first. I'll return my bookworm card in shame now.)

    13. It's not just horror fans hyping the film up, either.

    Finally got to see “The Black Phone”. I’m not a huge horror fan, but this was all psychological, not gore. Odd to see a 15 year old carry a movie, but Mason Thames was great. Ethan Hawke was awesomely bizarre. 👍👍👍👍👍

    Twitter: @CapeCodTweetaah BFA / Alamy, Universal Pictures

    14. People have picked up that it has total IT vibes with its ominous balloons, targeting of terrified children, and throwback era setting. Heck, it even features a sibling in the rain in a yellow rain slicker!

    Finally saw #BlackPhone yesterday and it’s excellent. Young lead giving strong Tom Holland vibes, and excellent understated writing from @Massawyrm and @scottderrickson. While I wasn’t born yet, it comes across to me as a creepy (in the best way) love letter to 70s kids.

    Twitter: @quigonjenn

    Coincidentally, Joe Hill, the author of the short story the film is adapted from, is the son of Stephen King. He also recently said Ethan Hawke's line: "I'm a part-time magician" was changed to that from "I'm a part-time clown" to avoid any IT comparisons. (Doesn't seem to have worked, Joe, sorry.)

    15. Warning: Body parts may be metaphorically blown away by this movie!

    Update: I have no balls. They were BLOWN OFF by this film. The acting, directing, shot choices...amazing from start to finish. Well done everyone at @blumhouse who continues to deliver films for fans. GO SEE THIS NOW!!!!!!

    Twitter: @Joe_Gatto Universal Pictures

    16. Of course, not everyone loved the movie...

    The Black Phone is trash. Total let down

    Twitter: @DougMcCrayNFL


    17. There were definitely some who felt it was overhyped.

    This is probably an unpopular opinion buuuuut The Black Phone is mid. 🥴

    Twitter: @mirandaiiisms

    18. Some questioned the believability of the plot.

    watching The Black Phone again I’m sorry but if I know there’s someone abducting ppl in my area & this creepy ass stranger steps out from his van, spills his groceries, immediately giggles, & then follows by asking me if I wanna see a magic trick… I am NOT saying yes???? Tf??

    Twitter: @NukaSimmer

    Yeah, I'll allow this. I'm always the one screaming at the characters who go into the basement alone in horror movies or run upstairs instead of out the front door when there's a murderer in their house. But at this point, it's a well-trodden horror trope — sure, maybe it's a bit of a lazy device to move the plot forward, but I'll let it slide.

    19. Fans of iconic horror classics of yesteryear weren't impressed.

    Rewatching The Black Phone and tbh it’s not that good. For those that think it’s good clearly haven’t watched Pet Sematary or Silence of the Lambs.

    Twitter: @britneyvinyl

    You can't please 'em all!

    Despite a few bad reviews, the film is gathering positive acclaim by the day. But of course, it's not for everyone.