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    19 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are Complicated, Stressful, And Totally Worth It

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder!

    1. Saying "goodbye" never gets easier.

    2. You're a genius at calculating and remembering different time zones.

    3. You've explored a bunch of new countries (or cities) while meeting midway.

    4. You learn how important trust and communication are to your relationship

    5. You think twice about spending money impulsively because you'd rather save it up to see bae.

    6. Your phone becomes surgically attached to your hand.

    7. You constantly think of new ways and tricks to surprise your partner.

    8. Feeling irrational jealousy when you see other couples walking by you or on social media is commonplace.

    9. Most of your friends are permanently skeptical about your relationship status.

    10. You find yourself falling asleep on Facetime almost on a daily basis

    11. You're each other's 3 a.m. friend.

    12. While you've become a pro at Skype/ Viber/ Hangout sexting, it's nothing compared to the real thing.

    13. Misunderstandings take a whole lot of effort to clear up.

    14. You relive your time together by gazing at the scores of photos and videos you have on your phone.

    15. You're an ace at reading the emotions behind messages and what each smiley sent by your partner means.

    16. You truly cherish every moment spent together.

    17. You're ready to deal with a whole range of emotional ups and downs.

    18. Life can feel like one big waiting game.

    19. But in the end, you know it's all worth it.