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    19 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are Complicated, Stressful, And Totally Worth It

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder!

    1. Saying "goodbye" never gets easier.

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    You would think you've mastered saying goodbye to bae after spending that magical time together, but NOPE. Whether it's full blown tears or just a quiet moment to yourself counting down the weeks/days/hours/minutes until you see each other again, it doesn't feel all that nice.

    2. You're a genius at calculating and remembering different time zones.

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    You know all about time differences down to the hours, minutes, and seconds. And if you're in a LDR in the same country, you've got all the flight timings and schedules down.

    3. You've explored a bunch of new countries (or cities) while meeting midway.


    You've turned into a seasoned traveler, and always find new places to meet. Meeting midway can be fun!

    4. You learn how important trust and communication are to your relationship

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    Being worlds apart and having your own space does not mean you don't talk. Communicating is the key here!

    5. You think twice about spending money impulsively because you'd rather save it up to see bae.

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    You've become super comfortable with turning down fancy dinners and happy hours after work because it means more money in the bank to plan your next baecation.

    6. Your phone becomes surgically attached to your hand.


    WhatsApp was the greatest thing TO EVER BE INVENTED. As was Skype/Viber/FaceTime/anything else that will virtually connect you to your far-flung loved one (for free)!

    7. You constantly think of new ways and tricks to surprise your partner.

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    Whether it's planning a romantic date on the beach or snagging VIP tickets to your partner's favorite band, you go out of your way to keep the romance alive.

    8. Feeling irrational jealousy when you see other couples walking by you or on social media is commonplace.


    Especially the ones on escalators. And in furniture stores. When they're buying a sofa. Together. For the home they share. Zero miles apart. Ugh.

    9. Most of your friends are permanently skeptical about your relationship status.


    They just don't believe you when you tell them you're committed and in a LDR. While you appreciate their concern, you wish they'd simply be happy and supportive of the effort you put into making your relationship work!

    10. You find yourself falling asleep on Facetime almost on a daily basis

    You want to hear their voice 'til the very second you go to sleep. This means that they might actually see you drooling or snoring, but you wouldn't have it any other way.

    11. You're each other's 3 a.m. friend.

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    Literally. Because one of you is always awake.

    12. While you've become a pro at Skype/ Viber/ Hangout sexting, it's nothing compared to the real thing.

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    There's something unavoidably awkward about discussing the sex you'd love to have, with the person you'd love to have it with. There's also something unavoidably disappointing about it. The epitome of an anti-climax. Hey, you do whatever it takes to make it work!

    13. Misunderstandings take a whole lot of effort to clear up.

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    Sometimes sorting out misunderstandings over iChat, FB Messenger, email, and Viber can be extremely frustrating. But you've figured out how to navigate the rough waters to get to the other side of every argument.

    14. You relive your time together by gazing at the scores of photos and videos you have on your phone.


    Your phone's gallery is locked and you probably have a separate hard drive or pen drive for all those precious pictures and videos. Tbh, you could spend hours looking at your gallery and still not be satisfied!

    15. You're an ace at reading the emotions behind messages and what each smiley sent by your partner means.


    You can guess your partner's mood just from their morning message. Even if it's just a few words. But sometimes, the emoticons do flummox you. Hey, you're not perfect.

    16. You truly cherish every moment spent together.


    You know how precious these moments are and that they will soon pass, so you try to make the most out of each second!

    17. You're ready to deal with a whole range of emotional ups and downs.


    It's a roller coaster ride and the very fact that you're dealing with it will make you stronger!

    18. Life can feel like one big waiting game.


    It feels like a mini Christmas every time you're in the run up to being reunited. But who says that's a bad thing? Everyone LOVES Christmas.

    19. But in the end, you know it's all worth it.

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    Because you know that a love like yours is rare and you're willing to put up with all the difficult stuff to get to the good parts. As the saying goes, anything worth having is well worth the wait!