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7 Exorbitant Celebrity Products That You Can Just Find At Target

Here we'll be taking a look at 7 "exclusive" celebrity products that are really just generic items with a name attached to them to be sold at ridiculous prices.

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7 - Beats by Dre

Beats are well known for being way too overpriced, but they are also just crappy headphones in general. Audiophiles refuse to use them and their hardware specs are horrific. Beats studio version run at $380.

6 - Kylie Jenner's makeup line

Everyone wanted lips like Kylie, so it just made sense to buy her lipstick, right? Well, it turns out that at $30, her lipstick wasn't much better than her competitors' much cheaper prices.

3 - Kanye West's entire clothing line

Kanye West's clothing line (A.K.A. the millionaire hobo line) was the center of the nation's ridicule during a time when Trump was running for president. Needless to say, his clothes are ridiculous. This shirt alone is $380.

2 - The Kardashian Kard

The Kardashian Kard is what everyone needs to keep up with the Kardashians in every way possible. Although, you'd need a bank account as big as the Kardashians to even use this "Kard." Wrought with additional fees (for like, every little thing...) and accused for targeting teens and the less educated, this business venture did not stay above water for long.

1 -'s Puls Smartwatch

With it's terrible user interface, shoddy voice control, impossible texting scheme and all around uncomfortable and ridiculous design,'s Puls smartwatch is just another addition to his already existing "absurd creations" checklist (which includes the $300 iPhone case as well as his $700,000 rendition of a VW Beetle). Priced at $400 and plagued with a variety of flaws, everyone agrees this is the worst smartwatch you could possibly buy.

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